Google Stadia- Killed all the gaming industry [Futuristic]

Is Google Stadia, just a cloud gaming platform or is this a new Operating System Concept for whole gaming industry like a Andriod OS for Phones?
I guess we will find out as our kids gets older.

Being a hardcore gamer myself, i am so thrilled with the news today about Stadia from Google. Imaging being able to play 4K 60FPS Instantly without download, updates, patches. Imaging being able to play FAR CRY 4, GTA 5 without having to buy new GAMING PC and Hardware, directly through the cloud. All we need to do is sign up for Stadia (Netflix of Gaming, it may have some monthly subscription and full access to all games) then head to google chrome choose a game and start playing without having to install the game itself, its all driven by cloud technology.

Launching 2019 in US, Canada, UK and Europe to start with.
With the 5G being launched soon in the market this is a right time for both Cloud gaming + 5G to sync.

Cloud Gaming like Stadia needs a high internet bandwidth at least 100MB Download and low latency, this is just a guess and we will see about that in the future.

With this news, it just killed the whole gaming industry like Sony PS, Nintendo, Atari, Microsoft. This must be a sad news for them but a happy one for us.

We will never ever have to upgrade our hardware or buy a new PC in future to accommodate certain games, as its all covered by stadia cloud.

As Google says: “The future of gaming is not a box. It’s a place. One place for all the ways we play. Welcome to Stadia, an all-new gaming platform from Google for playing AAA video games across all the screens in your life. Gather around.”